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Hey folks !! Hows u ?? .............. :)
  Today i am going to give you some shortcuts that gives you fluent speed to handle your twitter account faster  even more faster than your internet :P
         Just Kidding  . So Coming to the main point . I am going to tell you about some shortcut keys that you can use as a shortcut for twitter ...... as the headline of the post describes.

here are the shortcuts :-
1. Action Parts

B- Block Users
C-Close All Twets
L-Close Open Tweets
M-New Direct Message
N-New Tweets
O-Expand Photos
U-Unblock User
.-Load New Tweets
Enter -Open Tweet Deatils
CTRL+Enter- Send Tweet

2. Timeline

G A- Activity Page
G C- Connect Page
G D- Discover Page
G F- Favorites
G H- Home
G L- Lists
G M- Messages
G P- Profile
G R-Mentions
G S-Settings
G U-Go To A Profile

3. Navigation

SPACE-Page Down
J-Next Tweet
K-Previous Tweet

QUESTION MARK-Load Shortcut Menu . This one is the most important shortcut. If you forget anyone shortcut then just press this (?) shortcut and you will get your all shortcut on your twitter account . This work even you logout from your account (but less option compare to logged in account).

That't all for today . Will be back with some interesting post. Stay tuned and do Comment and share if you like the post . :) :) Bye !!
Have a great Day (y)

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