Install Google Chrome in Kali Linux

Hi guys Today i am going to share you about how to install Google Chrome in Kali Linux.
It is quit easy. just follow some steps and you are done!.

As you know Iceweasel browser is slow as compare to Google Chrome.So now the steps are given below:-

Step 1:- First of all download Google Chrome setup through this link:- GO  (.deb file)

Step 2:-Rename it as chrome.deb (After renaming it is \easy to write code for installation) and move it to Desktop directory.

Step 3 :-Now go to Desktop directory to do this open your terminal and type:- cd Desktop and hit Enter.

Step 4 :- Now type :- dpkg -i chrome.deb (if you don't rename it then dpkg -i google-chrome-

stable_current_i386.deb ) and hit Enter.

Step 5:- Now Go to ~Applications -> System tools -> Main Menu after that click on the internet icon which is on left side and then click on the New Item button

Step 6:- Fill the information Name: Google Chrome

Command: google-chrome
click Ok
Note :- There are still other methods to install Google Chrome

link :- Go
and press OK.

Step 7 :- Now Open Google chrome by go to Applications->Internet->Goggle Chrome then there is an error

Step 8:-Now again go to Terminal and type :- leafpad /etc/apt/google-chrome  and hit enter.
then a window appears  then add this code to the end of the line and save. code is --user-data-dir

And finally you are Done ! Happy linuxing.............. heheheh

If you have any problem the contact me and also you can comment  below  . and 1 thing don't forget to share us .

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