Change the delivery of emails from one tab to another in Gmail

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Today's article help you to filter important mails in your gmail account. This is a special request by our old user. So no Bakwass and coming to the main point....


1.You will not miss any special mail.
2. Get notified when mail get delivered in your gmail account.
3. Help to create specific folder for specific mails.

Now coming to steps:- 

1.Open your Gmail account and go to specific mail which you want to filter.

2.Go to setting and then go to filter messages like this

3.After that a pop up come up with some text fields. Then go to your email id field and enter your email id which you want to filter (Note this option is only applicable if you want to filter another mail rather than which you selected first) . And then click on Create filter with this search

4.After that go to Categorize as Option and choose your preferences (Note if you want to get your specific mail into Inbox then choose Personal Option) and then check the radio button of Also apply filter to n matching conversation (Note n is number of conversation you done with that email id) . Now Click on Create Filter button

5. Now you successfully created the filter . and change the delivery of emails from one tab to another tab . (Tab:- Primary,Social,Promotions,Updates,Forums,etc)

Hope you understand each and every steps :P :P.  if not  Don't can comment below and. we will  be happy enough to clear your queries and confusions.

That's all for the today !! Will back with some another interesting stuffs....
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  1. Passwords are the first line of protection that you may take against anything wrong in your Gmail account. Suppose you have opened your Gmail account but you have noticed it that you cannot forward your mail. how i can reach gmail support service 

    1. Sorry for delay actually i am out of station .
      Now back to the point . you can directly check here for the solution and mail then regarding your concern . They gonna help you regarding the same .If you need more help let us know . we will give our best to solve your every query .
      Thanks !!


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