Going to a specific path in command via file directory

Hello Folks ....
We are Back with the another article. i am trying to write this before but due to time unavailability i am unable to do so.. Sorry for that.
Now Coming to the main point . ..
Today i am going to explorer you and give you some steps to go to specific location in command via file directory. It is helpful for many programmers and to run scripts form many purposes. And lastly it is quite easy . You don't believe now but follow the steps then you definitely laugh .. So Easy . Itna Simple :P :P :P Lolllzzz

Now Jokes apart .. I am going to describe you the steps  :-

Step 1:- Open File Explorer (Win+E) .

Step 2:- Go to your location . I mean which file you directory you want to go . Like i go to my C Drive and then program file

Step 3:- After that go to URL BAR and write cmd and hit enter.

Step 4:- And here you go .. your directory is opened in cmd (Command)

Thats it . You are done !! Simple na !! Easy one !! Hope you like it
And Do comment is you like and share as well
Thanks ..
i will be back with another stuffs soon .. ! Enjoy :)

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