How to Install Eclipse IDE in Kali Linux

Hey Folks .. Today i am going to explain you how to install Eclipse IDE in Kali Linux. Actually some of our user asking this from many a times. and Due to busy schedule i am unable to do so.. But today i am going to teach you how we can easily install Eclipse so that we can start coding in Php and create my own website and bla bla... :P

                     I am not going so deep... about what is Eclipse and what are the uses of it. It is under GPL or not Et cetera. For more detail and reference you can head these three links.

Now Coming Directly to steps How we can Install 

1. First Download the package from the Eclipse website for the Linux Version 

2. Open Your Kali Linux OS and Open Terminal and Locate the Download Directory 

Hint: cd /Downlaods

3. Now unzip your download file and store in tmp location . 

There are two way of unzip the file first manually by right click on the folder and unzip and other is throw command . I am going to show you with command here 

Command tar xvzf eclipse*.tar.gz -C /tmp/

Note:- It's not necessary to kept that file in tmp location but it is a recommended way

4. Now go to your Super user . Actually i am login through my super user .i.e root . Its easy just type su and then enter your password . then you are directed to your super user 

Command    su and Enter password 

5. Now change the file owner and group and move the folder to opt directory 

Command  chown -R root:root /tmp/eclipse && mv /tmp/eclipse /opt/

6. Now make Symlink so that you don't need to run long command to open your Eclipse

Command   ln -s /opt/eclipse/eclipse /usr/local/bin/eclipse

7. Now we are done . Just Type 
Command eclipse 

8.  Now for your verification check it is opening or not 

Note :- You can type anywhere in Kali Linux to open you IDE 

All Done !! Hope you all understand each and every steps. if not then you can comments below i will be happy to serve you :P and Also mention my mistakes too .. :)

That's all for the today !! Will back with some another interesting stuffs.... 
Stay tuned and do Comment and share if you like the post . :)  

Bye !! Have a great day (y)
Thanks !! 

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  1. i tried your command didnt work. Didnt work in 5th command line
    can you help me? i was installing eclipse neon in kali.

    1. Do it one by one . I mean use first command in one line after that use second command .
      Partition :-&&

  2. Maybe a bit dated, but... I had no issue running this : apt-get install eclipse

  3. I can not run the command no 5, it shows no such file or directory


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