Zeta’s definitive security standard

I’ve been reviewing this app called Zeta and the security of this app is top notch.
I’ve studied the security of this app in depth and the SecureShield Zeta’s proprietary includes multiple features to ensure robust security at every stage of a transaction. Collectively, these features make payments more secure.

They also have the necessary certifications that include ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI DSS v3.1.

Today, most of the people pay using cards. And, the number of card payment frauds is increasing regularly with card details and passwords being compromised often. Therefore, security is highly important.

Here are some of the state-of-the-art security features:


The traditional 4-digit PINs offers protection only against trivial threats, however given the reusable nature of the PIN, they are highly prone to risk. It is hard for the user to know whether or not the card machine at a retail store or the ATM on which he is entering the PIN is tampered with.

Most devices and the software that’s running on them are vulnerable to a range of threats. Android users can easily notice that many programs can read the SMS messages on their phone. These programs can also export the OTPs in messages to a fraudster’s machine without a user’s knowledge. Also, almost all mobile apps that accept card and net banking payments can read and store the passwords, OTPs and PINs entered by the user. And, it may appear to the user that he is entering the PIN on the bank’s payment page. It is nearly impossible for the user to know whether his password or PIN is captured and stored by the app.

To address these concerns, ZETA built the SuperPIN technology, which is a dynamic PIN. This ensures that even if a third party has access to your PIN you need not be worried. Each SuperPIN is valid for only 2 minutes and is refreshed for every transaction. It is also available on your phone even when you are offline, and you can safely make payments at any shop that accept cards.


Most payment providers allow payment transactions across all locations. If your card details and static PIN are compromised, then fraudsters could access this information to make payments at any location. To counter such possibilities, zeta built LocationShield, a security standard that allows transactions only from machines in the same vicinity as you are present at.

With LocationShield on, you can be sure that no fraudster can transact using your card details even if you inadvertently shared them over the phone or email. At the time of making the payment, Zeta’s systems cross verify the location where the card is being swiped and where the SuperPIN is generated. If there is a mismatch, the transaction will not go through. Irrespective of whether the fraudster is trying to do an e-commerce transaction or a transaction with a skimmed card on a POS terminal, the transaction will be rejected and you will be notified.


When you’re making transactions online, you have to depend on OTPs, which are highly exposed. They can be stolen from your phone remotely or be viewed from the notifications tray of your smartphone without unlocking it. Such threats could be avoided with an advanced payment technology.

Swipe2Pay, the security technology, lets the user swipe on the secure dialog that is presented by Zeta on their phone and online transactions are complete. Swipe2Pay is perfectly safe, fast and convenient. However, if you prefer to use a traditional static PIN, you can still do that at a higher level of security than usual. Through the Zeta app, you can change your PIN instantly any number of times.

There are few more additional features such as Trusted Contacts & Tracking score which make this app a good app for safe and secure online transaction.

Credit :- Danish Akhtar

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