How To Remove Secure Search Virus From Your Computer

Remove Secure Search

Many of you came across one virus called Secure Search. It will look like something that is good for your Internet and secure search, but it is not. Secure Search is a virus that is really annoying for you. You will click on any text box and a new tab will open in your Chrome with some ad or other video. 

How it is getting installed?

According to my experience, This kind of Virus or malware is coming to your computer with some kind of unwanted software which you installed. These unwanted software comes through any cracked version of software you download from torrent or any hacking sites. Usually hackers use to insert their codes in the cracked software and when you installed it in your computer then hackers code will also be executed and these kind of virus will be installed in your PC. 

What these virus Do?

Actually this kind of virus is not much harmful for your computer but it will click some sort of websites/ads that will generate revenue for the hackers. I can't say 100% all benefits but after my research I found these two benefits for hackers. This kind of virus is very annoying and also it will not allow you to watch the videos on full screen, specially in YouTube. 

Can we Uninstall and Install Google Chrome to get rid from this Virus?

No, You can't because the temp files are sorted in your PC itself and once you uninstall and install it then it will not work. You have to delete the temporary files to get rid from it. Apart from that there are few Malware tool that can help you to remove such virus, but those are paid.

How to Remove Secure Search Free

Using Spy Malware tool

You can use any Malware or Spyware tool to get rid from this virus, Also you can remove the Secure Search Plugin from here. 

Second and Free Method 

1. Remove your Secure Search Plugin from Chrome Extension. Go to : chrome://extensions/ and remove the plugin.

2. Open your File Explorer and then Go to View Option and Tick the Hidden Items.

3. Open Drive C and then Go to Users >> Your User Folder  (In my Case Social_Junkie:  C:\Users\Social_Junkie) >> AppData >> Local (C:\Users\Social_Junkie\AppData\Local)

4. Now Delete Google Folder from that Folder. 

5. Now You are Done!! Congratulations That Virus is no more in your PC. Make-sure before deleting that app close your Chrome Browser and Once that Virus is deleted then open again and sync it.

That Kind of Virus can again come in your PC, if you install any cracked version of software or unwanted software's. These kind of software are the one which is paid and licensed, But due to free uses people used to download the software in unethical ways.

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