Things You Should Know About Mobile Insurance

Did you recently lose your smartphone or has it been damaged? Are you looking forward to buying a new smartphone/tablet or thinking to upgrade your existing one? When one is in such a situation then he has to deal with a lot of questions such as – Is there any need for smartphone protection? Are such smartphone/tablet insurances actually worth it?
Often individuals tend to overlook the need to possess one and advice others that mobile insurance is nothing but just a waste of money. So, it becomes important to understand some points and facts to reach the conclusion.

1)    Replacements are expensive. Mobile Insurance covers accidental damage.
Recently the LCD digitizer of my tablet got damaged. When I enquired about its replacement from the company, it was actually costing as much as the tablet itself.
Mobile insurance plays a significant role in such a situation. With smartphone insurance one has to pay a deductible when filing a claim and these deductibles are actually lower than the cost of a new phone.

2)    Stylish Case doesn’t protect your smartphone from theft
A case can protect your smartphone from scratches or unforgiving sidewalks, but it is of no use in protecting your smartphone from getting lost, stolen, or suffering irreparable water damage. But a mobile insurance covers it all—loss, theft, accidental damage, malfunction, even normal wear-and-tear in some cases.

3)    Repairing your smartphone outside is risky and troublesome
If your smartphone is not under the warranty period or if the bill has been lost, then in such case the maker is off the hook and the only option left to you is to get your device repaired outside. But this is mostly risky and troublesome approach.

4)    Filing Mobile insurance claim is no-brainer
Claim can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can make the claim online or over the phone. Unlike to the belief, it is quite a hassle-free process.

5)    Last but not the least, Peace of Mind
Just like taking a car insurance is a right decision after buying a car, same is the case with mobile insurance as well. One can argue that he/she may never lose the phone, but with a mobile insurance you are avoiding that risk. Now-a-days, Mobile Phone Asurion offers many valuable features such as virus protection and data backup, to make it an amazing experience.

Having a phone insurance can save you from many hassles, so it’s better to avoid taking chances and register yourself for a mobile insurance policy.

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