The Pros and Cons of Furnished Apartments

Renting an apartment that is fully furnished is very convenient if you do not have a lot of experience renting and do not have a lot of furniture. These apartments are perfect if you are only renting for a short period of time and don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of moving everything. The apartment comes installed with basic furniture like bed, chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes for clothes, etc. 

A number of furnished apartment buildings often target students because they usually have less of their own furniture and short-term leases tend to appeal to them. Since they know they are in that city only for the duration of their education, they also look for hassle-free ways of finding accommodation. The upkeep of that apartment and its furniture/appliances is not a major concern for them. But, renting an apartment that comes fully furnished can exorbitantly spark up the rent because everything is included.

But, the flip side also is that furnished apartments may come with generic furniture that may be of a lesser quality. Over time, this furniture may not hold up as well as your own. Another downside to renting a furnished apartment is that the furniture and decorations may not match your taste. Also, you will not have the budget to buy new furniture every time you are bored of using the same.

You can buy a new set on EMI of course. And spend the next many months paying a cut from your salary. But then, say, after a couple of months, what if the furniture doesn’t interest you anymore again? You’d want to replace it with a better piece, but you’re stuck with the EMI and have no way out. Even if you have the courage to dispose of the not-so-old furniture that you spend most of your savings on, there still lingers the questing of shelling more money out for buying a new set.

What if this could be easier? Rentomojo makes it easier! At Rentomojo, instead of paying an EMI for furniture, you can hire it instead- on rent! Now imagine if you don’t want to live with the same furniture after a few months, simply exchange it for a new set! No questions asked. Cakewalk!

Furnished apartments simply aren’t as plentiful as unfurnished places. You won’t have as many choices when you look for a furnished pad, but they’re out there if you’re up to the task. Instead, allow Rentomojo to take charge of your home interior which has never been easier. And if you need to move to a new city, your subscription moves with you too!

One more thing, hey! If you have a lifestyle subscription with Rentomojo for a year and the furniture goes offbeat before that, you pay only for the time the furniture stayed intact. No regrets!

Apart from 
home d├ęcor, Rentomojo also offers appliances and bikes for rent. Welcome to a subscription lifestyle. No strings attached.

So what are you waiting for? Check our Rentomojo to #SmartlyOwn.

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