Safety tips to stay away from the attackers: SBI Computer Security

In today’s technologically advanced world where everything is done electronically, it is very necessary that you have adequate awareness of the safe usage of the technologically driven products.
State Bank of India, a 211 year old organisation, considers it to be the organisation’s duty to provide “Awareness” on the safe usage of I.T. products rolled out by them.

Tips on safety usage of IT relating to various channels

Do not share your bank details with anyone.

     Enable SMS alerts for all your banking transactions.
     Do not share your password/PIN/MPIN/OTP/TPIN with anyone
     Do not get lured by phishing emails/Calls promoting lottery, refunds, points, etc.

Safety measures while using Debit Card

     Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone. Change your ATM PIN in regular intervals.
     Avoid keeping too simple combination for PIN like 1234, 1212, 1111, etc.
     Go yourself for counter payment and avoid handing over your card to waiters.
     While doing “online” transactions, take utmost case about the security of the internet connection. Do not use Public/Free WIFI.
     Do not share “mother’s maiden name”, “your pet’s name” kind of vital information given by you as answers for “Security Questions” for resetting of passwords.
     Use ON/OFF facility provided for managing Debit Card’s international usage

Beaware of “Vishing Calls”

Bank never calls you asking for any sensitive data. Malicious actors may either entice you or threaten you and ask for sensitive information. Please be cautious with respect to all telephone calls if they are leading to information involving your financial transactions.

Safety measures while using Internet Banking

     Keep your user Id and Password confidential. Practice keeping a strong password comprising alphanumeric combination with special characters.
     Practice executing all your transactions on secured network/channels only. Avoid using Public WIFI or Free WIFI to make transactions in public places like cafes, etc.
     Do not keep more than required number of beneficiaries for money transfer.
     Logout properly and immediately on completion of your session / task.
     Check your statements and transaction history regularly.

Having the awareness of safe usage of I.T. is a must for all of us to save ourselves from vulnerabilities. Similar to how we have allowed internet to become an integral part of our life; let’s make the safe usage of I.T. also a must. As living beings we have always learnt - Sharing is caring, but do not share your OTPs!

Wish you all happy and safe banking! 

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