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In the city of dreams the dance bars  continues to be a charm where the dancers gain a variety of reactions – curiosity, pity, anger and sometimes even disgust.
Without Prejudice: Is Epic Tale of a Mumbai Bar Dancer, the latest book on the subject by debut author Devasis.This book is a perfect plot to be documented into one of those types which we have seen in Madhur Bhandarkar’s films. It makes the reader look beyond the glamour and break the myths that, "those who write about dance bars hardly visit them and those who visit them regularly generally do not prefer to talk about their experiences".

Recalling his days, when interviewed, Devasis says, “He was introduced to the dance bars by one of his journalist friend and being an average person it totally was an unknown world to him. He was amazed by the startling reality and of course by the girls there”.

Eight years ago, the movie Chandani Bar motivated  him to research more about these dancers  and made him wonder – "If the dancers aren't held in captivity, why don't they seek an escape? Why don't they save up and leave to lead a different life?".

This book is unconventional and highly research oriented. "I unearthed so much, I could have submitted a thesis!" says Devasis. It depicts the position of Women in the country and also vows multiple reasons for Women empowerment. It is a must read for contemporary reader who are seeking for an easy read.

Review of this story: FICTION

About the Author:
Communicator, Corporate Reputation Advisor and Brand Strategist, Devasis did his graduation in commerce from Calcutta University. Thereafter, he did his post-graduate diploma in PR. Initially, he chose his career in advertising, later on, he took up Public Relations as his calling. He began writing freelance non-fiction features just after his graduation since the early 1980s, during his spare time and continued writing them in various Indian newspapers and magazines for nearly two decades. Thereafter, because of varied domestic and overseas senior executive roles and assignments, his articles became few and far between. Devasis currently lives in Mumbai with his family. Without Prejudice is his maiden novel.
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Book Publisher: Niyogi Books

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