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My weekend was well spent! I say so as I got a microscopic glimpse of Maharastrian folkdance Lavani which is not often talked of. The Lavani LIVE festival by Godrej India Culture Lab covered the history & style around Lavani.

The day kick started with a photography exhibition about different styles of Lavani in Marathi theatre, which was on display all day long. There were also short films that were screened that looked at the lives of Lavani dancers of Maharashtra. There was a dance theatre workshop that was conducted by none other than Anil Hankare, the famous Lavani dancer. He taught us how to the costume for this dance – the navari – needs to be draped and made the audience shake a leg to some signature Lavani dance steps.

Anil Hankare and his team of dancers performed live on stage at the end of the festival. It was a real treat to watch them dance so gracefully and with so much energy. Some people from the audience too danced with the professional Lavani dancers and set the stage on fire. There could be no better way to end the day!

My experience all in all was a great one. All this time I had only watched Lavani on dance shows on TV. It was a very exciting and different experience to watch it live and more than anything else to dance to it myself. It was like a once in a lifetime experience for me and was just simply superb!!

Now its time to get some glimpse of the events .. So here it is......

  • Glimpse of Lavani Performance..

  • Glimpse of Lavani Workshop..

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Credit :- Danish Malik

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