Be Anonymous without using any software

Hi friends !
    Today i am going to share you a trick which will be helpful when some sites are blocked in your organization and you want to access that website .This tutorial is only for educational purpose if anything went wrong then i am not responsible for that.
         Actually in my college BPPIMT (Kolkata) facebook is blocked and also some other website like youtube,filehippo,hackthissite... etc  are blocked.
Now i am going to share you some website which will help you to surf anonymously over the internet .
Just enter the address and click on the go or related button and you are done.
Websites are listed below:-

Link1~   GO
Link2~ GO
Link3~ GO
Link4~ GO
Link5~ GO

you can also search this type of website through this address:- GO

Click on the GO and skip the ad after 5 sec and u are redirected to that page.
If you have any problem then please comment below.
Thanks.................... ! 

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    this is working thanks!

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